Join me exploring a changing world through the lens of science,

existensialism and symbolism, using photography, film and

installations as tools to create experiences of a timeless awareness.

Iris Alexandrov


Creation of worlds

A conscious and nurturing co-existence with all living things is the essence of my creative work. My purpose is to examine the connection of humans and nature through the creation of experimental visuals where reality and possibility meet.

I create new worlds by combining photography, motion picture and sound. Through meditation and dreams, I travel to the past, through the present to the future

Awareness and insight come in many forms. As a project manager I merge ideas collected from popular culture, science and cultural traditions. I often work closely with scientists, musicians, philosophers, spiritual teachers and indigenous people to explore and deconstruct norms and ideas.

The desire to uncover, create and transcend is often what brings us together. My work aims to visualise stories through large format visuals, (the largest being 125 meters) as well as installations through photography, motion picture, sound and sculptural objects.

2016- Diana/Artemis, The mythology series

2022– Sierra Bernia, Between the mountains and the sea



2022- The Swamp, The soul of the forest

2023- Dying Cudu, Dream Voyage

2023- Whispers from the blue, The West Coast Nursery project

”My projects spring from a desire to find ways of portraying nature so as to inspire a heightened sense of being. How can we depict a reality that is both healing and beautiful in the midst of climate change, wars, poverty, environmental destruction, pollution, and extinction of species?

In the changing times we’re living in, I find comfort in the mysterious and magical realm of possibility.

My projects are often the result of lived personal experiences and the portrayal of a paradisiacal moment when time has stopped.

Through my storytelling, I aim to contribute to an increased sense of gratitude and wonder for the living world.”

"Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you.”


2022- Changing landscapes, Between the mountains and the sea

The installation “Changing landscapes” was created to celebrate the stillness within change.

The 4 minute installation* shows a slow transitional movement in a slow meditative pace, where the change takes place in the shifting of details, structures and colors.

The artwork was created with space for contemplation as well as the possibility of drifting away from thoughts into the present moment.


Vogue Scandinavia #001

Merging with nature, 2020, is a project assigned by Vogue Scandinavia to create a digital and printed story exploring the merging between human and nature.

The cover of the Vogue Scandinavia #001 and a reportage with superstar environmentalist Greta Thunberg, and the three part sustainable fashion story in 28 pages “Merging with nature” as well as a digital meditation film.


The shortfilm Voices is a commissioned art project for Flourishing Diversity in 2019 to raise awareness for indigenous peoples in the world. The project was shown in IUCN Marseilles 2021 and at World Expo in Dubai 2022.

By intertwining cinematic art from the world of nature with the powerful stories of the indigenous peoples represented, both the challenges and the remarkable beauty of the remaining ecosystems juxtaposed makes this a testimony for generations to come. To see the full movie, please click here.

2018- Sky, Sea & Horizon, The archipelago Anthem, 2018

Sky, Sea & Horizon is a triptych of 3 x 28 m photographs and poetry displayed outside of Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Archipelago Anthem consists of an installation in the arrivals hall at Landvetter Airport which includes a film projection and sound.

The motif of a horizon of water and sky changes slowly during the hours of the day. Its location with reclining seats at the arrivals hall can inspire a meditative calm as well as reason for reflection. The sound element consists of natural sounds from the archipelago, digital soundscapes together with vibrations at 582 Hz, sound waves that are believed to have ability to heal and calm the body and mind.

About me

Iris Alexandrov, (born 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist who works with installations, film, sound and photography.

Her projects focuses on existential questions where she uses various representations of nature as a way to convey emotions and create healing experiences. Alexandrov works with multimedia, often in large-scale experiential formats in the intersection between conceptual art and a documentarian narrative.

Her method is interdisciplinary, she merges science, philosophy, and esotericism to create new stories and experiences of nature.

Aleaxndrov wants to use art as a tool to create experiences of awareness and presence in a time of anthropogenic challenges.

She mixes natural science research with old wisdom cultures and sensory expressions to find new ways of describing the relationship between human and nature.

Alexandrov has a BA in Fine Arts at Konstfack, Stockholm, and a educational background in art science at Stockholm university as well as photography from Valand, Gothenburg and Fotoskolan STHLM, Stockholm.

Between 2016-2023 Alexandrov worked in the artist duo Alexandrov Klum. From 2023 Alexandrov is working with projects in Sweden, Marocco and Spain.


2024 Woodlands, National Museum of Natural History Gothenburg

2023 Whispers from the blue, The West coast nursery project.

Kristineberg forskningsstation, Havets Hus, Lysekil

2022 The soul of the forest, Läckö Castle

2022 Between the mountains and the sea, Grand Cathedral, Stockholm

2019 The waves, Stockholm Concert Hall

2018 Tales from reality, Stockholm Concert Hall

2017 The trilogy of Loneliness I-III, Konstfack Stockholm

2016 The Crack, Art Forum, Norrköping

2014 The man deconstructed, Center for Photography, Stockholm

Group exhibitions

2023 Dream Voyage, Fotografiska Stockholm

2022 Voices, World Expo Dubai

2021 Voices, IUCN Marseilles

2017 Abysmal, The Klara cinema, Kulturhuset Stockholm

Public commissioned art

2020 Green reflections, Liljefors School, Uppsala

2020 The mountain wall, K2 restaurant and bar, Uppsala

2019 Sky, sea & horizon, The Archipelago anthem,

Landvetter airport, Gothenburg

2019 The Oak forest, Gränby school, Uppsala


Iris Alexandrov


Studio visits

By appointment in Stockholm, Sweden or Altea, Spain

+46 733 16 56 66